What is RESP

An RESP, or Registered Education Savings Plan, is a specialized savings account available in Canada to help families save for their child’s post-secondary education. It offers tax advantages and government grants to encourage long-term savings for educational expenses.

  • Account Setup
  • Contribution Management
  • Investment Options
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Education Planning Assistance
  • Trusted & High Security

Special Benefits Of The RESP

Estate Planning Benefits:

RESPs can be included in estate planning strategies. In the event of the contributor’s death, the RESP can be transferred to a sibling’s or a spouse’s RESP without incurring any immediate tax consequences.

Income Splitting:

RESP funds can be allocated to multiple beneficiaries, such as siblings, allowing for income splitting in the future. This can be advantageous to reduce the tax liability when the funds are withdrawn for educational purposes.

Flexible Contribution Limits:

RESPs have a lifetime contribution limit of $50,000 per beneficiary, providing flexibility for contributors to save and invest according to their financial capabilities.

Tax-Free Withdrawals for Education:

When funds are withdrawn from an RESP to pay for a beneficiary’s post-secondary education, the earnings and government grants are taxed in the hands of the student, typically resulting in little to no tax liability.

Amazing Features Of RRSP

  1. Government Grants.
  2. Tax-Deferred Growth.
  3. Tax-Free Withdrawals for Education.
  4. Flexible Contribution Limits.


Why RESP is Important For You?

RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) is important because it allows you to save and invest for your child’s future education, providing them with financial support and opportunities for higher education without the burden of heavy student loans.

RESPs offer tax advantages, including government grants, making it a smart and effective way to save for your child’s education and ensure their long-term success.

Our first objective is to ensure that we understand your personal and financial objectives; then we create a sophisticated financial plan that integrates everything from tax planning and risk management to your investment portfolio.