They perceive their departure in different ways and see different prospects for themselves. But there is a common one: for each of the young people it was a hasty, sudden, unplanned step. How they decided on him and how they cope in the new conditions? Several personal confessions.

“We have earned a diploma of a crisis manager”

Asya, 23 years old, creative producer, Tbilisi

When the situation changes so rapidly – plane tickets cost frantic money and end in a second, flights are canceled, it is almost impossible to find normal housing and urgently needs to resolve issues with finances – all emotions are disconnected and the “robot regime” is turned on.

Before all events, the young man and I thought about living in another country, there are no children and we are quite mobile. But it was this departure that turned out to be as spontaneous as possible – we thought out a plan in less than a week. We decided in any way to get to Tbilisi and get here for some time to calm down and make further decisions not from the point of panic.

Days before departure turned on one endless day, where you solve the problems that appear every second (buying tickets/and again purchase after canceling flights/booking hotels during transplants and apartment/collection of things and documents, drawing up powers) ..

And it’s good if sometimes it turns out to sleep or remember about food

Just kidding that after all this we should receive a diploma of a crisis manager.

During the departure, I did not leave the feeling of absolute unrealisticity of what was happening. Everything resembled diaphylm: here you give your beloved dog to parents;Here you are with a mountain of non -revealing suitcases, but you put your first children’s toy with the smell of your home in a bustle in a turmoil. And, of course, at such a moment it overflows a feeling of gratitude. When your friends spontaneously come to hug and take you to the airport, when your parents help and support at every step of this difficult path, you once again very clearly realize that all close people are the most expensive that you have.

Less than two weeks have passed since the arrival in Tbilisi, and we are still in strong turbulence – we are looking for an apartment for a long time, until we opened an account with a local bank. We have some savings, and both so far remain salary – it is in rubles, but it is better than nothing. In the company where I work, all the processes have been suspended so far, and I am morally preparing to find a new job – now, of course, the priority is remote work and salary in currency, but it will be difficult to find this.

So far, emotions are similar to American slides. There are moments of strong despair, household, anxiety and even fear

It is the most difficult to endure separation. We literally call up with family, friends and even a dog

Je dirai honnêtement, cela m’a fallu un peu de temps pour gérer la gestion de l’appareil, de sorte que “ce que je, sans l’instruction, je ne acheter viagra en ligne pas où appuyer!” ça ne marchera pas. N’ai pas compris. Il y a un gros bouton blanc, divisé en deux sections. Si quelque chose est dessiné dessus, alors à cause de la silicone blanche, le dessin n’est pas visible. Ce bouton est entouré d’ovale en plastique, qui est également un bouton.

every day. This is probably the first time in my life, when I feel the parting almost at the physical level, when everything you want to do is to hug and be near.

But at the same time, the feeling of an interesting adventure does not leave And the idea that our choice made is correct. I easily get used to the Georgian language, we freely speak English, quickly master the city and its features. I love Georgians with all my heart – these are beautiful, cordial people, and in the current situation, every smile of a passerby spills warm in the body. We are treated with great understanding, often offer help and even sometimes independently switch to Russian. Literally today, the young man broke the detail on the phone, the local master repaired everything in a second and refused to take money for help – how not to value it?

The routine also saves. Daily rituals – the morning cup of coffee, a traditional call with mom and joint watching the series before going to bed – help to ground a lot and at least a little feel stability. Well, fortunately, no one canceled humor – sometimes a stupid friend of a friend saves better than any support words.

I really want to believe that it will work to return. Too much native remained in Russia – and the house, in spite of everything, is there, in Moscow. I try to accept the idea that this will ever happen.

“In a month I will begin to teach Uzbek”

Daria, 31 years old, films translator, Tashkent

In general, the guy and I had a plan to slowly go to Yerevan in April. But in the end, we flew to Uzbekistan one day. In the evening of March 2, I sat on the train Peter -Moscow. I thought that I was just going to visit my boyfriend (I lived in St. Petersburg, and Igor in Moscow). But then rumors about martial law. Igor is limitedly suitable, but it still became scary.

At one in the morning, when I was already on the train, he called and said that, probably, after the 4th we could no longer fly out. Tickets remained only in Uzbekistan. I saw in this some finger of fate: my maternal ancestors lived in Uzbekistan both in the First World War and the second. Like it was my turn. I was born in Leningrad and, thinking about the events of 1941-1944, always asked myself: I would have enough to leave for the Urals, at least with dogs, but not to fall under the blockade. I always hoped that it would be enough.

In general, we left one day: urgent PCR tests, urgent fees and so on ..

Flew to Namangan through Yekaterinburg. Nerves added that the first purchased flight to Yekaterinburg was abolished, I had to take another, even earlier. There was a feeling of surrealism and a strong fear: they were afraid that they would not let out on the border. But we were lucky. Apparently, God decided: “You refused to go to Europe to study, so I will arrange for you the experience of life in another country, and well, how are you without it”.

Everything is fine now. We live in a mental hostel in Tashkent, the staff accepts us as relatives. We look for an apartment. It is more convenient for Igor to work remotely here: there is an office of a friendly company, it can go there, and not just sit at home at home. Everyone speaks Russian. Nothing to complain about. In general, at the country’s level Uzbekistan seems to be very happy with the tributary of the brains and actively Khantyts of specialists. In a month I will begin to teach Uzbek. In general, we want to return, but so far there is a mood to wait here for six months turbulence, and then look at the situation.

“Hundreds of tasks help to withstand the move”

Vladimir, 24 years old, IT developer, and Catherine, 30 years old, HR manager, Turkey-Black Sea

Vladimir. I did not dream of leaving. I love Russia, I like to live in it. And until the last he hoped to stay, was ready to turn on the saving mode, tighten the belt. But then he still decided to leave.

I work in an international IT company. At the end of February, the leadership invited me and other Russian employees to move to Montenegro. So we plan to move to Tivat from Istanbul.

Catherine. In St. Petersburg, a feeling of anxiety grew. At some point I felt scared to go outside. I did not understand what could be tomorrow. Something happens every day: sanctions, disconnecting cards, closing sites and Internet applications … The feeling that the situation is radically changing. The departure was seen as the most logical way out of this situation.

Vladimir. I have never been in other countries (except the CIS), for me everything is in a novelty, I need to understand everything. A lot of momentary stress, up to the simplest questions at the checkout: knowing English, I do not immediately understand what they ask me about. Every second you need to cope with the challenges – to navigate in an unfamiliar city, to communicate with strangers.

The biggest source of discomfort is that I have been taken out of the usual environment. In St. Petersburg, I knew for sure: wherever I find myself without things and money, in the winter in a T -shirt, without a phone, I will not get lost, I would not disappear, nothing will happen to me. And here, if the phone sits, it will be incredibly difficult for me to navigate and get to the apartment, which I rented for a short time.

This is a terrible feeling – to know that you have no home, that in 10 days you will be evicted

I have never lived in rented apartments, in hostels. And I have nothing and nobody but work and Katya. It feels like me, like a plant, they pulled me out of my native land with a root and in a hurry and transplanted into a pot with an artificial mixture.

Catherine. I am a little easier in this matter. I already had a jump into the unknown, I know the experience of losing and building life from scratch when I moved from my native Volgograd to St. Petersburg. Then there was severe stress. Now easier. And I, unlike Volodya, had time to say goodbye to friends, take a walk in my favorite places, go to my favorite shops. Now, when the alarm has passed, I perceive it as an adventure, as an opportunity to live in another culture, look at the life and customs of another country, an unfamiliar speech seems curious. I like the prospect of living in Montenegro – this is a good interesting experience that will help to understand: where is it really better for me? What place is closer to my heart?

Vladimir. I do not notice aggression of local residents and neglect of myself. Rather, I feel support. But it saves more that there is no free minute to sit down and regret yourself, to immerse yourself. Too many momentary questions: withdraw cash, move from one apartment to another, buy tickets to Tivat. Depressing that the future is vague.

The situation ideal for me is the opportunity to return in six months or a year. I do not see and have never seen myself in another country. And still there is no desire to be somewhere else. I love my country, I love my house, friends who stayed there. But so far a residence permit in Montenegro and permanent residence there is more real.

“I am supported by faith in their strength”

Alina, 30 years old, project manager, Yerevan – Tbilisi

My partner and I thought about moving from Russia for a long time, but it did not reach the action. And then it turned out such a strong kick in the ass. Everything happened quickly: on February 24, they decided, and on March 5 flew away. First in Yerevan, because I want to make an Armenian passport, since I am an ethnic Armenian. And then they moved to Tbilisi for a while, because it is still much cheaper to live here than in Yerevan.

Left with a heavy feeling. Scary for yourself, for your financial situation. I still work remotely, a Proced-manager at the school of public speaking, but now I will actively look for work in Europe or America. In general, we feel good. Apparently, I have not yet caught up with the realization that we are far from home.

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